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Swimming Pool Opening and Closing

Since everyone’s pool is different there is no one-size-fits-all guide to swimming pool opening and closing. North Carroll Pools & Spas has been opening and closing pools in Carroll County for the last 20 years. Our customers rely on our expertise to make their pool ownership experience healthy, safe and enjoyable.

Hot Tub Moving Service

North Carroll Pools & Spas is a full service Spa and Hot Tub moving service. We relocate Spas and Hot Tubs in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Spas and Hot Tubs can be fragile, large, heavy and cumbersome. We work with our customers for proper Spa or Hot Tub placement, and to diminish the likelihood of injury to themselves or their property.

Pool & Spa Maintenance

For owners, pool & spa maintenance is a necessary fact of life. Whether it’s monitoring and adjusting chlorine levels, servicing pool pump wiring and hardware, or taking care of your pool or spa equipment, ownership requires work. Luckily, North Carroll Pools & Spas offers a host of professional pool & spa maintenance services.

Swimming Pool and Spa Sales / Pool & Spa Supplies

North Carroll Pools & Spas carries the top chemical brands and products in the pool and spa supply industry. We also offer large items like spas and pools, and accessories like heaters, pool covers and spa covers. Our website also offers our customers the ability to purchase online and have products delivered directly to their home.

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Ask The Expert

How to videos, and advice on taking care of your pool, spa, or hot tub.

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Maintaining Your Pool

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